A House in Jerusalem

Directed by Muayad Alayan

Young Rebecca is forced to move with her father from the UK to Jerusalem, in the hopes that a new beginning can help her heal from her mother’s sudden death. Their old family home in the Valley of the Ghosts becomes the setting for mysterious events and an unlikely friendship between Rebecca and Rasha, a young Palestinian girl only she can see.  Could it be that the walls of the house are infused with the history and emotions of past generations or is Rasha simply a figment of Rebecca’s imagination?  

As Rebecca delves deeper into the secrets of the house, she discovers Rasha’s true identity and the shared grief that binds them. This poignant tale explores memory, trauma, and the longing for home amidst the complexities of relations between Israel and Palestine. 

Crafted by the talented duo Muayad and Rami Alayan, A House in Jerusalem is a moving study of love and loss and creates an eerie sense of foreboding  as the worlds of the living and dead collide. 

This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy 

104 minutes


Country of origin:
Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands and Palestine

Year of production:

  • AD – Audio Description is delivered pre-recorded via a headset. The description is provided during any gaps in dialogue or sound effects.
  • CAP – Caption Subtitled, are English language subtitles that are embedded into the screening, this includes a written description of sounds or audible components.

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