25th Hour

Directed by Spike Lee

Adapted by David Benioff from his acclaimed 2000 novel, 25TH HOUR recounts the last day spent by a charismatic drug dealer before he is put away for a seven-year stretch. Monty (Norton in a bravura performance) has enjoyed the high life earned by his low-life trade: clubs, car, power. But he has also alienated some of those closest to him. With 24 hour to go before the commencement of his prison term, Monty has plenty of visits to make and little time to reconnect with hos father, his two best friends from the old days and the girlfriend he suspects of having shopped him to the cops. Lee places Monty’s story at the heart of New York City, and the director uses the occasion to both celebrate its spirit and eulogise its loss.

135 minutes

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