Where Do We Go From Here?

New media installations that take film, video and performance as their starting point, investigate the implications of movement in Where Do We Go From Here? Showing different aspects of psychological behaviour both in individual and social situations, the exhibition comments on the nature of human activity as observed through the lens of a camera. desperate optimists (Ireland/ England) observe transient behaviour in their new film installation Night Bus. Filmed in bus stations in Hull, Nottingham and London, these transitional ‘non-places’ become a stage upon which strange, unexpected things begin to happen. The chase scene from Evil Dead 2 is recreated in Jennifer and Kevin McCoy’s (USA) Horror Chase, a software-driven digital film projection which portrays an endless cycle of flight and pursuit. Eva Ursprung and Heimo Ranzenbacher (Austria) create an acoustic space from sound bytes in R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement). Experienced within a gallery space where the only source of light is the projection of an eye, R.E.M combines live streaming and chat online with an immersive gallery experience. To visit the R.E.M. website or to interact with the work click here Mike Stubbs’ (UK) multi-media installation is about the drawing of a perfect circle in burnt rubber and on asphalt by the spinning of a car. An observer of the idiosyncratic pastimes of British culture, Stubbs draws on his own experience of fast-cars and lad culture. Thursday Late Nights: Cornerhouse Galleries are now open until 9.00pm every Thursday evening.