Featuring limited edition prints and original work from: The Hammo, John Powell-Jones, Gemma Parker, Simon Misra, David Bailey, Tasha Whittle, Adam Cadwell and Bryony Jackson.

Artists aren’t formed in institutions, the innate spark is not taught but fanned to life beneath catalogue-bought duvet sets and candlewick throws. Sprawled across the floor or hunched over a hand-me-down desk, doodles become sketches, words become poems, wild imaginings scurry for shelter at the back of the wardrobe…Top Bunk! seeks to capture the spark of artistic enthusiasm before it bends to fit the restrictive moulds that await. No subject is unsuited, no method discouraged. A range of responses include wistful juvenilia, rampaging robots, melancholia, psychedelic daydreams, teen-fan adulation, the allure of adulthood and beginnings of sexual fruition. Timed to coincide with our second Sketch-O-Matic residency, the artists are drawn from previous participants and new recruits. Top Bunk! has been purposely designed to offer affordable limited prints, with all works priced at £50 or less.