Three installations: Susan Macwilliam

Using her research into mediums, hysteria and psychology, MacWilliam uses video and photography to explore the paranormal and society’s response to it. Helen Duncan was a medium who, during the second world war, became the last person to be tried under the Bristish Witchcraft Act. Trial transcripts and reconstructions provide the basis for MacWilliam’s video installation, The Last Person. This dark and macabre narrative contrasts with the pastoral quality of Faint, 1999 which shows the repeated swooning of a young woman. This body of work whilst visually arresting also points to the social construction of both the ‘normal’ and ‘paranormal’ worlds. Susan MacWilliam studied in Manchester in the early 1990’s and now lives and works in Ireland. She was shortlisted for Ireland’s prestigious Glen Dimplex award in 1999.