The Confessional

by idontloveyouanymore

Inspired by confessional works such as PostSecret and real ritualistic spaces such as the Newgrange Passage Tomb, idontloveyouanymore creates a ritual for the digital age.

In a virtual space, and on live screens at HOME, The Confessional will be present
for four weeks, peacefully awaiting your release.

Anything you want to get off your chest, any worry you can’t shake, any secret you’ve kept, can be submitted to the confessional, never to be seen by anyone else, locked in a virtual crate, built by you, and dropped into the confessional, with hundreds of other crates just like it, stamped only with the date and three initials of your choosing. This project has a countdown timer.

On the last days of PUSH Festival, a virtual match will be lit, and the crates will be burnt. A virtual blaze will alight through HOME and the crates will burn for 48 hours.

You can access the confessional at HOME in the Foyer, or in your own home at

On Thursday the 16th Feb at 9pm, a virtual match will be lit, and the crates will be burnt. A virtual blaze will alight through HOME and the crates will burn for 48 hours.

The crates will be burnt at 9pm, I hope you can join us for a drink by the fire.



idontloveyouanymore is a digital art and performance company, interested in speculative futures, alternative modes of reality and the intersection between technology, contemporary philosophy and the contemporary human experience. They’ve built towers of luminescent pixels and digital waterfalls reactive to your presence, created software to live-stream content to audience’ phones, and performed with a live fly with live reactive animation. Finalists for the Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award, recipients of the New Creatives North Commission, winners of BFI London Film Festival’s Best XR/Immersive Art Award 2020, their work has exhibited internationally, including at Sundance Film Festival 2021.