The Bigger Picture: Special VE Day programme

On Sunday Manchester will be commemorating VE Day with a dedication of a new memorial to the civilian dead, and a celebratory street party to mark the end of hostilities in Europe. From 3-6pm there will be a tea dance and big bands in Exchange Square aiming to ‘recreate the spirit of the 1940s liberation’.Between the big bands The Bigger Picture has created a programme of short films for the Big Screen in collaboration with the North West Film Archive at Manchester Metropolitan University. The NWFA has compiled a fantastic selection of film illustrating The Home Front in the North West and a second compilation of extracts from films made by Film Studios (Manchester) Ltd – featuring the comedic talents of Frank Randle, Dan Younc, Norman Evans and Tessie O’Shea. These are bolstered by some superlative shorts in the form of Coming Home, Gemma Carrington’s 2003 hybrid live action/animation graduation film from the National Film and Television School, Memorabilia, Nick Forshaw’s poignant 90 second 3-D animation, and The Short Goodbye, a Bogart parody from Cumbria based animating sisters the 3 Bears.The Bigger Picture airs on the Big Screen in Exchange Square, Manchester, Monday to Friday at 9am, 12noon, 2pm, 5pm and 10.35pm, with schedule subject to change.  For further details and submission information on this unique project, please visit