The Bigger Picture Commissions

The Bigger Picture is Cornerhouse’s project which programmes moving image art work on the Big Screen in Exchange Square. We commissioned five artists to create new short films and video art specifically for the Big Screen. This new work will be launched at a free event at 7.30pm on Thu 7 Apr.The 25 square metre digital screen is seen by an estimated 50,000 people each day and is an exciting opportunity to show how art does not have to take place in a gallery.Each artist has taken a different approach to this unique exhibition space with diverse areas of practice including sound design, animation, psycho-geography and interactivity. The new Commissions are:Paul Melia: Manchester by CA film documenting Melia’s alter-ego walking through the city using only those streets beginning with the letter C. He discovers areas anew, encountering the familiar from unaccustomed angles and revealing the gaps between the marketed Manchester and the local spaces left behind (image, shown above, courtesy of the artist). Hilary Jack:Turquoise Bag in a TreeA project involving video, public space interventions and a website. Jack unpeels generations of consumerism to reveal the rituals and poetry of everyday life. She re-energises neglected and abandoned objects to reflect on perceptions of urban detritus. www.turquoisebaginatree.comThe Light Surgeons: In PassingAn audio and motion graphic project, capturing the sound of one-sided mobile phone conversations, chance encounters and idle gossip that fill the public space of Exchange Square. The work explores the transient communication of the urban space, and the effect it has on local hearsay and rumour. Adele Prince:Natural HabitatA series of animated portraits of Exchange Square and its inhabitants. Focussing on behaviour in the urban environment, the project seeks to reveal how everyday movements and little rituals define people. Louise K. Wilson:Artists in Residence at the North West Film ArchiveWilson’s work consists of video installation and single screen works exploring social aspects of science, technology and industry in culture. Her interest in the North West Film Archive not only spans the collection itself and the process of film preservation but also the interests and personalities of the staff who work