Taste: The New Religion

TASTE: the new religion is an exhibition examining our increasing obsession with domestic taste. Curated by Michael Trainor, product designer turned cultural entrepreneur and commentator. “The availability of an almost endless variety of consumer products spawned by post war mass production and mass marketing techniques has resulted in a society of choice so complex and confusing that a sense of our own taste is difficult to define. Where there is choice there is uncertainty, where there is uncertainty there is doubt, where there is doubt there is religion, and as with any religion, there are always those who attempt to lead us out of the wilderness. TASTE: the new religion is not about what is good and what is bad. It is about what you own, why you own it and who told you it was ok in the first place”. To complement our investigation into Taste, we are publishing a series of publications. Phone the exhibitions department on 44 (0)161 228 7621 or email us on exhibitions@cornerhouse.org