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Susan Gunn: Ground Evolution

Susan Gunn is a member of Castlefield Gallery Artists Association and was one of the prize winners of the Greater Manchester Art Prize 2016. She uses a repetitive technique of layering gesso on canvas, using natural earth and mineral pigments, and base substances such as chalk, coal and marble dust. The absence of imagery allows a pure meditation of the surface and material. She is interested in the history, origins and anthropology of colour and naturally occurring materials.

Naturally occurring flaws in the material add an authenticity and an appreciation of the beauty of imperfection. In alignment with aspects of Japanese aesthetics and the concepts of kinstugi and wabi-sabi, there is an intention to convey the idea that the acceptance and appreciation of the broken and damaged provoke a sense of ‘pathos’ and a realisation of impermanence, change, and flux.

The works in this new exhibition are a contemporary monument to the history of the materials. In no way nostalgic, they express a literal connection to the earth and a primal, human ability to regenerate, recycle and transform: a celebration of reinvention and evolution.