Richard Healy

Healey’s project has two strands, exploring what the artist terms ‘information clutter’ within the building and ‘visual clutter’ to be found outside the building. These works in some way refer to the artist’s own life experience as a city dweller from childhood, and in particular, the use of the night sky as a starting point. This performs an appropriate metaphor connecting to what we may know to be there, yet often remains beyond our own individual certainty. All the Stars in the City Sky plays upon the geographical locale of the surrounding architecture and street furniture within the immediate vicinity of Cornerhouse. Carefully selected images of lighted widows, street lights and ‘walk’ signs are entered into the world of an astronomer’s map of the night sky; A leap of imagination ensues as the twinkling lights of the everyday are paralleled with the universal. The Lost Star Series similarly gives us the faintest of constellations that some of us may be aware of but seldom, if ever, get the opportunity to see. Each of the nine panels ask us to identify them as they blink their way through the day and on into the night. Bound up by the artist with colour coded enamel strips, Magazines 1-12 , are taken from the Cornerhouse bookshop itself and are re-presented as ‘redundant’ wall based objects towards the rear of the café extension. Each colour is a category, their size and angle indicates the categories quantity and quality within each title. The selection is of course subjective, yet as visualisations of specific kinds of content within this body of New Works we are appropriately left guessing as to what they actually are, or in turn, could be. Cornerhouse Projects is an ongoing series of shows on exhibition in the Cornerhouse Café bar, 1st and 2nd floors, featuring work by emerging artists based in the North West. Picture Credit – Detail from All the Stars in the City Sky, 2004