Outside the Box

Outside the Box celebrates the achievements of artists who have presented innovative work in the public realm, creating unexpected shifts in perception by doing so. Each of the nine artists/ artist collaborations featured in the exhibition has been selected to illustrate a unique approach for screen-based work in public spaces that moves away from entrenched, predictable way of working.

The artists in Outside the Box utilise a variety of mediums including film, video, photography, the Internet, and computer gaming, to explore the potential social impact of screen-based work. Works range from an installation incorporating an outsized computer keyboard and projected imagery, where changes in sound and vision are controlled by the actions of visitors to a database representing everyday exchanges of information, displayed as a moving image that avoids standard cinematic techniques.

All the artists in the exhibition have worked successfully in both traditional gallery settings, and in unconventional public spaces. Outside the Box will extend beyond the gallery, into the city where a selection of performance events will take place. Also look out for work in Cornerhouse’s Bar. The exhibition and related public events aim to draw new relationships between theoretical ideas, media forms and critical art practice in public environments.

Outside the Box coincides with the Urban Screens conference Manchester 07, It’s About Content, curated by Dr. Susanne Jaschko.