New Cartographies: Algeria-France-UK

At a moment when North Africa is convulsed by civil unrest and social turmoil, and pro-democracy rallies in Algiers defy government bans, New Cartographies: Algeria-France-UK brings together recent work by ten emerging and established contemporary artists to explore Africa’s largest country and its complex relationship with Europe as it heads towards its fiftieth year of independence.

Making a timely intervention in current debates on colonial and post-colonial politics and culture, and exploring the links and frontiers between Europe and North Africa in the age of neo-liberalism, New Cartographies examines issues of diaspora, migration, memory and identity by investigating the cultural and personal aspects of journeying across politically connected countries. Featuring UK premières and specially commissioned installations, the exhibition brings together work which uses a variety of media, including video, photography and mapping, and resonates with each artist’s personal trajectory, memory and perspective on historical and contemporary relationships between the three countries.

To coincide with New Cartographies, The Delfina Foundation have funded a residency for Algerian artist Atef Berredjem.