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MSR FCJ: Bubbling Pitch

HOME’s 2020 Art Gallery reopening featured three artist presentations: Bubbling PitchBlue Glass Fortunes and Our Plague Year. Our building is currently closed, but we have made as many images as possible available for you to enjoy online.

On this page you can view an online image gallery of the artwork and read interviews with the artists.

In rejection of conventional attitudes towards art, MSR FCJ (Mike S Redmond & Faye Coral Johnson) consciously push experimental ideas of making in order to discover new and surprising processes and outcomes. With a desire to challenge themselves, they adopt a mischievous, spontaneous approach. 

Taking root during a residency at Hospitalfield House in Arbroath, Scotland, Bubbling Pitch surfaces as a series of transitional drawings, paintings and a limited edition book. With a conscious disregard for any accurate representation, the artists instead pursue an intuitive, eccentric response to their time spent wandering the hallways of a dead person’s dark, dream castle. 

Through a constant merging of two minds, their work becomes difficult to tell where one ends and the other begins. Flaws and mistakes are encouraged, marks and scratches are treasured and forms and perspectives are distorted to create completely unique works of art.

Based in Manchester, they are seasoned self-publishers and have been published by Nieves (Zurich), The Idler (London), Good Press (Glasgow), Café Royal Books (Southport), Frederic Magazine (Paris), FP CF Editions (Paris) and many more. They have exhibited throughout the UK, US, France, Belgium and Denmark and have been awarded artist residencies in the UK, France and Switzerland.


Image credit: MSR FCJ