Mike Dawson: At the end of the day……..

“Mike Dawson makes art through his alter egos: a polo-necked curator called The Someone Agent 1, a modernist standard-bearer called The Gallery Guard and Robin Nature-Bold, a third-class passenger on the YBA gravy train. Although Dawson’s point is partly satirical, his work is also a complex investigation into what art is and where it’s going. His new piece ‘AT THE END DAY OF THE DAY…’ points in the right direction.” Tom Morton, Arena‘AT THE END OF THE DAY…’ is a special commission to coincide with artranspennine03 and will permeate the exterior and first two floors of Cornerhouse. Brick wallpaper is applied to the two columns at the front entrance, with two text sound bites (WAKE ME and SHAKE ME) in vinyl lettering. The application of the vinyl text is photographically documented along with some more ‘staged’ shots in the guises of his alter egos. These images are made into photographic vinyl banners displayed on the ground floor. A further element of the piece is a series of fake magazine articles entitled ‘Certified Eulogy & D.I.Y’ and ‘Spot Text’ pieces; specific extracts taken from the fake articles are turned into clear vinyl stickers and placed throughout the first two floors. Finally a series of small ‘incidental performances’ – once again under the guise of his alter egos – will occur over the duration of Artranspennine03.For information on related events to At The End of The Day… please click.With support from the Arts Council of England