Metrópolis TV Lounge

Metrópolis is a weekly programme on contemporary art and culture that has been aired on the 2nd Channel of TVE (Televisión Española – Spanish Public Television) for the past 22 years. Although launched as a showcase for emerging artists from all fields, video art, experimental film, short fiction, creative documentaries, dance films, music videos and outstanding commercials have provided almost the totality of the programme’s contents.

Metrópolis has produced programmes on artists such as Nam June Paik, Bill Viola, Jenny Holzer, Michel Gondry, Vito Acconci, and Marina Abramovic to name a few.

This exhibition provides a space to view some of Metrópolis’ most innovative programmes. Gallery visitors will be able to watch a selection of 17 programmes specially chosen by Metrópolis producer Maria Pallier to show the evolution of the programme over the past two decades. The selection includes two special programmes on the Manchester music broadcast in1990, with Tony Wilson discussing the evolution of the Manchester live music scene.