Listen To Britain

Over the past thirty years Victor Burgin’s work has established him as both a highly influential artist and a renowned threorist of the still and moving image. After thirteen years in the United States, Burgin recently returned to live and work in Britain. Burgin came to prominence as an originator of conceptual art, and was nominated for the Turner Prize shortly before his departure for the USA. This monographic exhibition – his first in a UK art gallery since 1986 – offers a critical overview of a body of work that combines conceptual rigour with poetic elegance, and remains an essential reference for succeeding generations of artists. Through its formal originality and exploration of digital image technologies Burgin’s work continues to make an important contribution to contemporary artistic practice, just as his theoretical work has engendered continuing critical debates around issues of still and moving images. Burgin returned to London last Autumn to take up the prestigious post of Millard Professor of Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, making this exhibition particularly timely.