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Judith Barry: Something In Mind

Judith Barry is one of the most significant artists working with installation and the moving image today. Born in the United States, Barry came to renown in the 1980s and 90s, where she was associated with a pioneering New York scene of artists who were pushing the formal limits of artist film and video through complex architectural installations – which re-imagined the limits of both physical and virtual reality. Her solo exhibition will be her first UK show since 1991, when a survey of her work was mounted at the ICA, London. Barry’s work is featured in major collections around the world including MoMA NYC, MACBA, Barcelona, and Sammlung Goetz, Munich.

Something In Mind (2019) / new commission
Something in Mind is about the changing viewing habits of audiences and how they are transformed by the evolving types of media around us. Home video saw a huge transformation in conventions of viewing that departed from the collective cinematic tradition and began to form its own use of domestic and other spaces. Barry uses the story of Mr Kim’s infamous New York video store and collection as the basis for a gallery-based film installation. Commissioned by HOME Artist Film.

Casual Shopper (1981)
Casual Shopper is about people who shop casually, who go to the mall just to browse, at their leisure, when there is nothing better to do. This is a love story that never advances beyond that which can be imagined and which is never consummated, countering Laura Mulvey’s famous observation about classic Hollywood film – that men ‘act’ and women (only) ‘appear’.