It has recently been discovered that humans are closer to higher primates than was previously thought. This exhibition brings together a group of artists who actively question the authority of the human species over all other animal species.

Four artists present specially commissioned projects developed with animals. Nicolas Primat presents his work involving interactions with tribes of monkeys and bonobo apes, in which he reveals the hidden non-human primate in all of us. Kira O’Reilly, in her special performance for Cornerhouse and installation, Falling Asleep with a Pig, allows a glance at an intimate relationship between her and a female pig known as Deliah. Antony Hall’s interactive work, ENKI experiment 3, explores communication between visitors and a Black Ghost Knife Fish. Ruth Maclennan presents, The Hawk and the Tower, a film that looks at people, the city and the landscape from the perspective of a ‘hawk-camera.’

Also included in the exhibition are Rachel Mayeri’s Primate Cinema, which casts human actors in the role of mating non-human primates and Beatriz da Costa’s PigeonBlog, which investigates the military use of homing pigeons.

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PLEASE NOTE: Antony Hall’s ENKI experiment 3 (showing as part of the Interspecies exhibition) is a FREE ticketed piece for over 16s only. Please book in advance for a 20 minute slot through Box Office (0161 200 1500, 12noon – 8.00pm daily).

This exhibition is organised by The Arts Catalyst on the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, and will tour to London, Edinburgh and Northumberland.

Exhibition funded by Arts Council England.

bridgestreet apartmentsExhibition support from Darwin 200 and Atrium Apartments by BridgeStreet Worldwide.