Helmut Lemke’s new work KLANGELN VIII invites visitors to create their own sound pieces as they move through the gallery space. ‘Klangeln’ are intriguing instruments that have been used by Lemke in various installations and performances in Germany, Finland and the UK since 1998. A play on the German word for sound ‘Klang’ and fishing ‘Angeln’, Klangen are created from fishing rods manipulated to behave as stringed instruments.

For KLANGELN VIII, Lemke will create a site specific work which utilizes the ceiling space of Cornerhouse’s Gallery 3. Oversized bows will play across a number of strings which criss-cross above the heads of visitors. These Klangeln will be set in motion by curious visitors opening specially commissioned books placed on tables in the gallery. Each book operates two different Klangeln, allowing visitors to act as conductors, consciously composing individual sound variations

Please note Gallery 3 will be closed on Sat 1 July betwen 2.00pm – 6.00pm for the event Curious Sound: Performance and Discussion.


KLANGELN VIII is a Cornerhouse and Sonic Arts Network Collaboration. The launch event for this exhibition, which takes place on Fri 23 June, kicks of Expo, the Sonic Art Network’s annual UK festival.