Gareth Kemp and David Lunt

This month long show in our Café & Bar areas presents the work by two artists who respond to cinema and photography in varying ways. Gareth Kemp’s monochrome canvases are inspired by a set of old family photographs. He assembles the elements in each piece through a process of cutting and pasting within and between photographs. The nostalgic attempt to reanimate old images results in repetitions and occlusions, while the suggestive atmosphere of the cinematic compositions creates a sense of unease.

David Lunt’s paintings embrace an interest in the cinematic image, landscape and the gothic and romantic. His imagery is collected from a range of sources, including personal photographs, and reworked to make hybrid compositions. These montages are then produced using materials including glass, aluminum and resin. The results resonate a cinematic atmosphere, like story-boards suggesting an ambiguous narrative.