Four presents an exciting selection of brand new commissions from four UK-based artists.

Liz West’s colour drenched installation features a never-ending landscape of bright objects encased inside a reclaimed wardrobe. Beams of light will invite you to look inside as they seep out of the wardrobe’s open doors into dark surroundings.

Tristram Aver has reinterpreted Richard Ansdell’s 19th century oil painting The Chase using internet found imagery and cultural and commercial iconography to create an altered view of contemporary Britishness and urban living.

Kate Sully has created a giant petri dish whose ‘cultures’ – made from printed fabric, wiring and other found objects – suggest organic formations like coral and lichen.

Nicola Ellis’ touchable, human-sized sculpture is made from irregular shaped paddlestones and has an unearthly, cocoon like appeal.

Four has been curated and developed by Cornerhouse’s young curators Liz Gibson, Alex Leigh and Neetu Roy, the team responsible for the successful 2012 show Lost is Found. For this exhibition the curators devised an open call to give four artists the opportunity to each realise a specially commissioned piece.