Cornerhouse Projects: The Society of the Spectacles

Robert Hamilton, Hilary Judd and Susan Platt present The Society of the Spectacles, a collaborative photography project looking into the design and meaning behind modern eyewear. As part of an on-going exploration into the way spectacles impose on our features, they consider how wearing glasses changes the way we look and are looked at, as well as the links between art and design, style and culture, architecture and physiognomy, seeing and not seeing, seeing and being seen, identity and eyedentity; between I and eye.

The resulting series of images, captured predominantly in and around Cornerhouse, depict spectacle wearers of interest and how their glasses ‘frame’ them. You might even spy some Cornerhouse staff…

Join us for the informal launch of The Society of the Spectacles in the Cornerhouse Bar from 17:30 – 19:00 on Thursday 8 January.