Chemical Garden

“…We noticed the garden had begun to grow. Slowly, but visibly grass was growing around our feet. A strange brightly coloured grass of reds, yellows, blues and greens… Just then, the TV, which had been dumped in the garden long before we moved there, flickered into life. On the screen, a small child was explaining her dreams for the future now that the war was over and she had been reunited with her family…” Chemical Garden is a life-sized garden that will grow in the gallery with salt crystal trees and robotic inhabitants. It is an imaginative and magical art event, involving interaction with new technology – the Internet, robotics, live broadcast and video. The Garden is a post-apocalyptic environment about regeneration and the future. It is a place to imagine your dreams, to relax and think, or to send out a message of hope. Live webcast 11.00am – 6.00pm 4-15 September.  Presented in collaboration with Idea CHEMICAL GARDEN TOUR A tour and introduction in the gallery by Active Ingredient. Saturday 8th September, 2pm, Gallery 1 FREE event, booking not essential.