Carlos Amorales

To coincide with the 16th instalment of the popular ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Film Festival (Sat 6 – Sat 27 March), Cornerhouse presents a solo show by one of Mexico’s leading contemporary artists Carlos Amorales.

Gallery 1 will be flooded with a soundtrack from Psicofonias, 2008, a large-scale two-screen video installation Amorales created along with musician Julián Lede and digital programmer André Pahl – an interface that is equivalent to the pneumatic player piano once popular in the 1920s. This realtime-animation or ‘virtual pianola,’ displays a selection of Amorales’ graphic drawings, represented by dots that are translated into musical notes triggering two synthesizers. These dots scroll from the top to the bottom of the screens, playing a musical note (from either a piano or harpsichord) as they approach the bottom and then vanish.