Bruntwood Video Series Bill Seaman, The Watch Detail

Cornerhouse has collaborated with property company Bruntwood to bring video art into the City Centre. The new mall at City Tower, one of Bruntwood’s city centre office buildings, features four large projection screens which will present the work of prominent media artists from May 2008. A unique architectural feature, the mall links Piccadilly Gardens with New York Street and is being used to connect business, tourist and city dwellers with unique messages, images and sounds from around the world. The inaugural presentation is The Watch Detail by Bill Seaman, a new linear version of an interactive work, produced for The Contemporary Art Television (CAT) fund, WGBH-TV and The ICA Boston, in 1989. It explores the passage of time in a number of ways that overlap and are cross referenced. A composer and poet, Seaman writes the electronic music and lyrical texts that are the drivers of his evocative imagery, and structures his works like musical compositions. Shooting primarily in Super-8 film, Seaman achieves a dreamlike distortion of image in the transfer of film to video, and then further alters the visuals with such devices as stop-frame editing and slow motion.