Bob Levene: The Space Between

Bob Levene creates playful and often humorous work that experiments with the performative making of sound.  Driven by her curiosity about the way we use technologies like microphones, speakers, radios and telephones, she asks us to question how we listen.

The Space Between: experiments for speakers is the second in a series of performance to camera projects that continues Levene’s interest in sound and recording technologies. In this new work, jointly commissioned by Cornerhouse and Sonic Arts Network, Levene uses microphones as tools to compose sounds rather than simply record them.  By using voice, musical instruments and everyday objects to explore the proximity between the sound source, the microphone and the camera, Levene plays with our assumptions about recorded sound and heightens the gap between the real and the represented.

The Space Between: experiments for speakers is a Cornerhouse and Sonic Arts Network Collaboration. The launch event for this exhibition, which takes place on Fri 23 June, kicks of Expo, the Sonic Art Network’s annual UK festival.