ARTRADIO is Cornerhouse’s temporary radio station, broadcasting in FM and online.

Gallery 1 will be transformed into the ARTRADIO production and broadcasting studio. Open to visitors, this studio will form the base for a dynamic array of live residency broadcasts, events, pre-recorded and archive programmes, as well as invited feeds, guest slots and submitted content.

ARTRADIO will reach into people’s homes, offices, cars – wherever they listen to the radio, and offer gallery visitors a chance to listen whilst also making transparent the usually hidden mechanisms of radio, one of the most avidly followed and accessible forms of media. Resident artists will shape the core programming of the broadcast schedule, connecting along the way with other artists, projects, local audiences, and young people.

ARTRADIO residencies will appropriate conventional radio formats whilst also subverting these very models by employing their own unorthodox approaches (see menu on the left for residency details).

From Thu 26 July to Thu 9 August, ARTRADIO’s young peoples’ strand will stage a ‘takeover’ broadcast. Members of LiveWire, Cornerhouse programme for 14 –19 year olds, will work with a host of other invited young people, to lead and work in collaboration with residency artists and Unity Radio (

ARTRADIO will broadcast daily from 8.00am – midnight. (in FM for 26 days, and online for 8 weeks). Regular gallery hours apply.

For the FM frequency, to sign up for updates, get programme information, or to find out how to get involved and submit content please visit

Special thanks to SoundNetwork. SoundNetwork will be taking over daily as ARTRADIO broadcasts late into the night, with a special curated cross discipline programme of experimental music and sound.

Gallery installation supported by Loft Interiors –

Sat 30 June – Sun 15 July

  •, Berlin Backyard Radio from broadcast to podcast.
    Diana McCarty & Pit Schulz (Diana McCarty & Pit Schultz) is an open radio project that hosts temporary terrestrial broadcasts in Berlin. It is a local and international peer to peer network that employs traditional approaches and tools for radio making, as well as new open source software. Wireless peer-to-peer local area radio believes the medium of radio has more potential than the industry standard of the Nineties – endlessly rotating playlists – suggests. For them, radio was the Internet of the Twenties, the Napster of the Eighties, and even today it is still the medium of choice for any local community that wants to circulate their own news, stories and music. For ARTRADIO, will claim a portion of Manchester’s airwaves to conduct a period of radio experimentation with local, regional and international artists – stay tuned… As part of their residency, a series of events will take place on air and on site at Cornerhouse, including jams, workshops, screenings and discussions, all of which explore radio as a tool for artists from disparate fields of production. A special feature will highlight the ongoing work of the international network of cultural radios, /

Sun 15 – Wed 25 July

  • Open Music Archive, Free-to-air
    Eileen Simpson & Ben White
    Artists Eileen Simpson & Ben White often work in public spaces: online, in clubs, magazines, shops and cinemas. They recently established the Open Music Archive – a collaborative initiative to source, digitise and distribute out-of-copyright sound recordings. Free-to-air, centres around an invitation for bands and musicians to perform covers, versions and interpretations of 1920s and 30s out-of-copyright folk, blues, and jazz from the Open Music Archive. A series of plugged and unplugged performances will take place at Cornerhouse and be broadcast live. Performances will be recorded and licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike, generating a new resource. The artists will also present a series of radio broadcasts featuring music from the Open Music Archive, copyleft licensed audio material, and discussions about free culture. Free-to-air will open up a temporary channel for music, exchange and discussion that operates beyond individual proprietary and commercial interests – a series of truly free broadcasts.

Fri 10 – Sun 26 August

  • David Blandy
    David Blandy’s work deals with his problematic relationship with popular culture, highlighting the tension between fantasy and reality in everyday life. Blandy searches for his cultural position in the world, often using humour to ask the difficult question of just how much the self is formed by the massmedia of records, films and broadcast. For ARTRADIO David Blandy will be in residence as The Barefoot Lone Pilgrim, searching for the Soul of Manchester by programming a series of broadcasts that investigate radio as a social hub, a virtual community that links disparate individuals and groups through a shared aural space. Blandy’s approach will work to mix up the established structures of pirate radio and the internet site myspace. Involving both musicians and DJs, Blandy will create and encourage links from one artist to the next, forming unlikely collaborations such as emo-grime, bangracountry or blue-eyed soul gansta rap! A similar approach will be taken to spoken word programmes; visitors to ARTRADIO will become guest experts and then in turn become the interviewer for the next guest, forming a chain of inquiry. The whole project will culminate in a live event that brings together all the participants for a multi-genre musical jam at Cornerhouse.


Deadline Friday 27 April 2007, 12noon

ARTRADIO is calling for open submissions of existing audio work of a diverse variety, for example:

  • digital sound productions from the broad spectrum of experimental music and sound
  • field recordings / found sound
  • sound performance and event archives
  • cultural interviews, radio plays and works
  • sounds and shows for breakfast

With a minimum duration of 10mins and a maximum of 1hour.

How to submit work

Please include the following in your application materials:

  • Artist name, full contact information & brief resume / CV
  • Short statement (max 300 words) explaining the submitted work and artistic practice
  • Only two entries per artist / project
  • Files submitted as Stereo WAV or AIFF files ready for broadcast, clearly labelled with name of artist, title, format and duration.

Deadline & Submission Address:

Materials must be received no later than Friday 27 April 2007, 12noon, by postal mail to:

ARTRADIO Open Submission,
70 Oxford Street,
Manchester, M1 5NH

Please note that there is no fee available for selected work.

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