Taking place in Gallery 2, ARTRADIO+ complements the aural material of Gallery 1 and the ARTRADIO studio with a visual space, incorporating posters, flyers, comics, listening stations and video programmes.

The space will also comprise a shared live performance arena to be produced and programmed by the three residencies, and young people as part of wider broadcasting activities.

Residency artists have contributed an extensive archive of their audio material to be listened to through headphones via a miniature transmitter in the gallery, along with a number of ‘maps’ that plot radio and social networks.

Open Music Archive have invited bands and musicians into the gallery to perform copyleft cover versions and interpretations of the out-of-copyright music from Open Music Archive. The artists are also screening Parkertron Tests Leverage, a previous project working with scratch DJ Parkertron, who is filmed testing their copyleft vinyl scratch tool.

David Blandy will use the ARTRADIO+ performance space to invite musicians to collaborate and blend together disparate styles, creating hybrid mash-ups of emo-grime, bangra-country and blue-eyed soul gangsta rap.

An ongoing screening programme presents a number of additional works which address issues of artist’s radio in further detail. Works include: David Blandy’s Radio Nights, Esther Johnson’s Tune In, Radio Film Studies Vol. 1: Frequency Allocations by Neuro Transmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere), and The Bank of Common Knowledge by Platoniq.