Kim Thompson and Alex Leigh/ A portrait of the artist…

Portraiture can take numerous forms. This artist double-bill showcases a range of approaches to representing the human subject. While they may not always be flattering, some draw on history and memory, as well as personal autobiography and the subconscious, to bring intimacy to the compositions.

Kim Thompson is exhibiting a number of works from her latest series, Take Comfort. They explore feelings surrounding the idea of transition from one stage of life to another. Offering a window into Thompson’s current state of mind, they utilise a limited, glossy, primary palette, borrowed from children’s early learning toys and literature, inspiring a sense of familiarity in the viewer.

Alex Leigh is a member of Cornerhouse’s Young Curators Panel and co-curator of Four. He is formerly a member of Creative Stars, the team behind last winters Lost Is Found exhibition. In his artwork, Leigh tests the surface of his own face, seeming to want to get under the akin of own appearance and question what constitutes a self-portrait.