50 Windows of Creativity: Tara Collette

HOME is delighted to be one of the many spaces taking part in ’50 Windows of Creativity’, an inspiring way to explore Manchester this Autumn. The project features work by artists and makers with a connection to Manchester, transforming the city’s windows into art galleries that take you on a journey around the city.

HOME invited artist Tara Collette to create a new banner installation. ‘No one is illegal’ is a direct provocation against the treatment of non-white and non-western people and groups, not only in the UK but also in other western democracies. Tara focuses on producing large-scale banners to deliver bold and provocative messages that address social and personal issues.

Some of the pieces on display will be available to buy in the auction that will take place on Thu 10 Dec 2020. The proceeds from the auction will go to the artists and makers, and to The Lord Mayor of Manchester Charity Appeal Trust – We Love MCR Charity which aims to help improve the lives and life chances of Manchester people.

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