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Your Hair Proceeds You + Q&A

Written and performed by writer, actor and producer Naomi Yeboah, Your Hair Proceeds You is a series of skits which explore Naomi’s own experience navigating people’s perceptions of her hair.

Naomi stumbles into Patty’s Uni flat/Salon with the hopes of obtaining a Beyoncé worthy wig which she hopes will not proceed her. Patty utters the words of the great philosopher Rupaul “impersonating Beyoncé is not your Destiny Child” which leads to Naomi’s enlightenment that the only perception of her hair that matters is her own.

The screening of Your Hair Proceeds You will be followed by a Q&A with the actors from the film.

Please note this event will start at 6.30pm

Your Hair Proceeds You was supported by Eclipse Theatre as part of Slate: Black · Arts · World. 

Suitable for 15+