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Workshop: Essential Film Editing

Have you been tasked with creating video for your organisation (or practice) and had to learn as you went along? Are you a self-taught filmmaker who handles all aspects of filmmaking but needs a refresher on the basics? Or maybe you’re the designated video documenter of all your family and friends events?

You can get a firm grasp of the basics of good editing skills in this 2 day practical workshop lead by filmmaker Dana Bruce. From correctly handling your shots to adding captions and effects or exporting the files you need in the best format, Dana will take you through all the steps needed to make the editing process as smooth as possible.

This two day workshop will mix offline and online editing skills to give you a rounded picture of best practice in assembling your edit.

We will be using Adobe Premiere Pro for all practical editing but all the skills you learn are easily transferable to other packages.

This session will cover:

  • Edit theory
  • Planning and assembling your edit
  • Transitions and basic effects
  • Adding captions and text
  • Sound mix and levels
  • Exporting your edit
  • Offline and online edit skills

Suitable for: Beginners with some experience.

No prior knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro is necessary but you will need to know your way around a computer.

What should I bring?

  • If you have Adobe Premiere Pro, then bring the laptop on which you have the software (choose the ticket “no Laptop”)
  • If you don’t have Adobe Premiere Pro, we have a limited number of tickets that includes access to a computers with the software on it (choose the ticket “Include Laptop and software”)

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