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Workshop/ Audioboo – Giving You a Voice

Want to record good quality audio and get it on the web? From audience reaction to your work to testimonies from clients and interviews with experts in your field, sound bites are a great way to promote what you do and engage with your online audience.

With Audioboo it’s as simple as ‘click, record, share’. In this session, broadcast journalist and Audioboo Editor Kate Arkless Gray gives you practical advice on creating compelling content without breaking the bank, and shows you how simple it is to share it with the online world. So come and have a play with the platform and test out what it can do for you. Whether you want to record interviews on the move using your mobile phone or make mini podcasts to share with your friends and followers this session will provide you with the perfect introduction to the Audioboo platform.

Who is the session for:
Anyone interested in using audio on the web to connect with their online audience. You might work for an arts organisation, are a freelancer in the creative sector or a volunteer at a community radio station. Or maybe you’re just a big speech radio fan!