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Word Post-show discussion

After both performances there will be a post-show discussion with the artist.

Production details

They’re pretty special. They give a person the opportunity to express themselves. They can be read. They can be heard. They can be spoken. They allow us to communicate. I was always told that it’s not what you say, but how you say it – is this true?

Become the contestant or host in an audience led game show that puts the words we use under a magnifying glass.

Following The Privileged (Orbit Festival 2016), Jamal Harewood returns to HOME with Word.

Word is a 2016 Spring Festival co-commission recipient with additional support from Battersea Arts Centre, Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, Stratford Circus Arts Centre, the University of Chichester, and The Arts Council England National Lottery fund.

“Crucially discomforting.” – Megan Vaughan

Want to know more about Jamal Harewood?

Jamal Harewood is a live artist who creates temporary communities through participatory events and believes that these events should be playful experiences that allow everyone to get involved. The performances create a focus on themes of identity and race within the community.