Women, Art and Revolution: Panel Discussion

What is it like to be a female artist at a time of war and revolution? How do Syrian women artists express themselves as individual women while still represent their people’s struggle for freedom and dignity? And is there a conflict between the two forms of expression?

How has the Syrian Revolution shaped Syrian women’s creative work and how have they advanced the cause of the Revolution?

Come along to a thought-provoking discussion that addresses these poignant questions and explores how the Syrian Revolution has given Syrian women artists a defiant voice not only against the regime but against all forms of oppression in a male-dominated society.

Men are welcome too!

This event is part of Celebrating Syria 2018: a Festival of Arts and Culture. For the full programme, please visit www.celebratingsyria.org


Sana Yazigi

Sana is a graphic designer, and the founder and editor in chief of the archiving project, the Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution; an online archive of all types of creative expressions produced since the beginning of the Revolution in 2011 until the present day. Sana is also the founder and manager of the initiative: “Alwan” therapy for Syrian refugees in Lebanon, and the founder and editor in chief of Syria’s first monthly cultural agenda, The Cultural Diary, that covered the cultural and artistic activities in Damascus and other cities of Syria between 2007-2012. The Creative Memory of the Syrian Revolution exhibition is on display at Goodstock Charity Shop from 6-31 October. For more details see the festival website celebratingsyria.org

Dima Wannous

Born in Damascus in 1982, Dima studied French literature at Damascus University and at the Sorbonne. She has written on politics and culture for Assafir, al-Akhbar and Al-Hayat newspapers since 2003. She published her debut novel The Chair in 2008 and her novel The Frightened Ones is shortlisted for the 2018 International Prize for Arabic Fiction. Dima is the daughter of the late Saadallah Wannous, one of Syria’s most eminent playwrights of all times.

Raya Homsi

Raya holds an M.A in Politics, Philosophy and Economic Development from the university of York with a special focus on women and conflict issues. She has obtained a rich and remarkable experience in the humanitarian field and women empowerment projects through working with national and international NGOs in addition to the United Nations. She has worked with vulnerable women affected by conflicts through on projects in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, the UK and Uganda!

Muzna Al-Naib (Chair)

Muzna is a writer, artist, blogger and activist who lived in Damascus during the revolution and was involved in peaceful activism on the ground. Since coming to the UK in 2014, Muzna has been working on advocating for the protection of civilians in Syria and for the freedom of all those who have been forcibly disappeared. Muzna Al-Naib has an MA in Media and International Development and she writes for children.