PUT AWAY NEATLY, an intervention by artist Grace Currie, will take place in HOME’s main gallery as part of WAIWAV (We Are Invisible We Are Visible).

This performance marks the 102nd anniversary of the 1st Dada international exhibition in Berlin. The performances taking place nationwide at 30 museums and galleries, are a timely moment to resurrect the spirit and essence of Dada.

Put Away Neatly is a performance reflecting on a number of phrases and words which artist Grace Currie encounters on a day to day basis. Grace associates these phrases as being ubiquitous and unintentionally disempowering comments made by loving family, friends and carers to a person with disability. Ranging from the sharp remark ‘That’s inappropriate !’ to the softer but equally infantilising ‘Let me help you’ or the unnecessary ‘You have done well’.

About Grace Currie

Grace Currie is an artist based in Shropshire in the West Midlands, originally from Manchester. In 2020 Grace graduated from Chester University School of Art with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art. Her practice is largely painting, but includes mixed media, installation, performance  and video.  Grace often uses dark and surreal humour in her work.  In 2010, aged 17, Grace’s life hung by a thread after a  serious  traffic accident resulted in  severe brain injury leaving her with interrelating disabilities and a neurodivergent view of the world. Her work uses her experience to challenge viewers and to reflect her resistance to the reductive label ‘disabled’ or the disorientating sense of fractured self 24/7 care engenders.

This work has been supported and mentored by the national WAIWAV project, We Are Invisible We Are Visible, and Disability Arts Shropshire (DASH) as part off its prestigious Ampersand Award 2021. Deaf, Disabled or Neurodivergent artists were invited to make interventions based on Dada/ Surrealism/ Disability art in 31 Plus- Tate organisations across the UK on the same day in July 2022.

WAIWAV is presented by DASH, is a Disabled led visual arts charity and generously supported by the Ampersand Foundation.


Free, drop by to our gallery at 12.00 (please arrive promptly as this is a 20 minute performance)