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Vavilov’s Last Supper

Artist Callum Cooper, working with chef Mary-Ellen McTague, brings this installation for The Return of Memory to a fitting conclusion. Over the course of the exhibition we have been collaborating with students of horticulture and regional allotment owners in an attempt to grow vegetables, seed and grain selected from the vaults of The Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, St Petersburg – home to the world’s largest collection of plant seeds. The resulting crops will be harvested and combined with local seasonal produce to create a Christmas Borscht on the eve prior to Russian Christmas day, celebrated on 7 January.

Ticket holders will be invited to sit down alongside many of those involved in the growing of the food, where over the course of the evening we will discuss the legacy and relevance of Vavilov’s ideas that were to cost him and others their lives. Please consider bringing a vegan contribution and/or a bottle of what you fancy.

Supported by MIT Open Documentary Lab and The Herbarium of Vavilov Institute of Plant Genetic Resources (WIR).

The Association of Manchester Allotment Societies (AMAS) and the Level 2 and 3 Landscaping, Gardening & Aquaponics students at Hopwood Hall College were involved in growing these plants. You can find out more about the college’s courses here.