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UK Premiere/ El Despertar de las hormigas Q&A

We are pleased to welcome Antonella Sudasassi for a Q&A following the screening on Tue 24 Mar.

Film details

In the Costa Rican countryside where 28-year-old Isa lives, life choices are limited, and the traditional family model demands a wife’s subservience to her husband and dedication to childrearing. Isa already has two daughters – with great natural performances from the five- and nine-year-olds – but her husband Alcides is pushing for a third child. His domineering personality combined with the relentless heat and humidity create a mentally and physically oppressive atmosphere that induces Isa’s hallucinatory episodes, reflecting her feelings of guilt and desire, and her complex relationship with her body and sexuality.

Watching her slowly but defiantly take back control is a powerful and moving experience; this is a beautifully shot and expertly acted domestic drama about female empowerment.