UK Jewish Film Festival on Tour 2009

The UK Jewish Film Festival returns with a thought-provoking and engaging selection of drama, documentaries and short films exploring cross-cultural relations and identities from around the world.
The UK Jewish Film Festival Tour continues in April, look out for films listed next month on the website.

Certificates are Manchester only and are to be confirmed, please check back soon.

Previously in this Festival


An Orthodox Jewess and a traditional Muslim become friends and their friendship develops, as they go through the process of meeting prospective grooms. With an…

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My Amulet

This short, set in 60’s Ashkenazi Anglo-Jewish suburbia, is cut with poetic spin on assimilation and acculturation. Accompanying the screening of Strangers. Director Leah Thorn…

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Palestinian Rana and Israeli Eyal meet by chance on the Berlin underground. In a strange city, the pair decide to look for somewhere to stay…

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Blessed is the Match: The Life and Death of Hannah Senesh

Narrated by Oscar-nominated actress Joan Allen, this film follows Hannah Senesh's mission into Nazi-occupied Europe to rescue Jews during the Holocaust. With an introduction from…

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To See if I’m Smiling

Six Israeli women share their thoughts on gender, ethics, power and moral responsibility through their experiences as soldiers in the occupied territories during the bloody…

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Stumbling Stone

Artist Gunter Demnig installs 12,000 ‘stumbling stones’ in pavements across Germany and Austria, each memorialised with the details of the deported person who once lived…

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Stealing Klimt

Documentary looking into Maria Altmann’s long struggle to recover five Gustav Klimt paintings stolen from her family by the Nazis in 1938, and which have…

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