UK Jewish Film Festival on Tour 2006

We are pleased to present a selection of films from this year’s festival which took place in London in November. Spanning continents, genres and subjects, this range of films aims to spark discussion and encourage understanding. For further information on the festival, see Please note: The dates for CHANNELS OF RAGE and KEEP NOT SILENT have changed since the January Listings. CHANNELS OF RAGE will be screened on Wed 1 Feb and KEEP NOT SILENT will be screened on Thu 2 Feb.

Previously in this Festival


Profoundly moving Holocaust drama, based on the novel by Imre Kertész, 2002 Nobel Prize laureate and concentration camp survivor, FATELESS offers a new perspective on…

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Metallic Blues

Offbeat buddy movie or the road trip from hell.

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Song of Songs

Devoutly religious Ruth returns from Israel to North London to look after her dying mother. When she tries to bring her estranged brother back into…

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A documentary which looks at the incredible history and achievements of the women’s swim team of legendary Viennese Jewish sports club Hakoah, founded in 1909…

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Channels of Rage

Subliminal, a proud Zionist rapper, is described in the local rap scene as the “reinventor of the Hebrew language

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Keep Not Silent

In this powerful documentary, 3 Orthodox women fight for self-fulfilment and acceptance within their homes and communities - as religious Jewish women and lesbians.

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On The Objection Front

In 2002, at the height of the Intifada, 614 Israeli combat soldiers signed a petition in which they declared their refusal to serve in the…

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Set within Jerusalem’s Orthodox Jewish community, USHPIZIN recounts the story of a poor couple whose prayers are suddenly answered.

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