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The Dead Rat Orchestra (DRO) take the concept of the live film score to a new level with their acclaimed live score to James Holcombe’s 2015 film, Tyburnia. Charting the history of public hangings in Britain, the film takes its name from Tyburn, the site of execution in central London for over 700 years.

James will perform live with six projectors and locally sourced footage and stories, creating a new live cut of the film.

DRO will be joined by groundbreaking singer Lisa Knapp, one of the UK’s finest songwriters. Her new album has received rave reviews (5 stars from The Guardian) and charted in the Independent Albums top 40.

DRO and Lisa Knapp will breath new life into broadside ballads and peculiar and rare songs by, or for, those condemned to ‘dance the Tyburn jig’. One of the UK’s most innovative ensembles their gritty, rough hewn interpretations and dextrous multi-instrumentalism has taken them across Europe, North America and the Middle East. They have toured with artists as diverse as Martin Carthy, Godspeed You Black Emperor!, Pere Ubu, Silver Mount Zion, Eric Chenaux, Silver Apples and Baby Dee and composed works for the London Contemporary Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia and the Ukranian Conservertoire.