The Trans Glass Ceiling in TV

Whilst there has been a slight improvement in representation of trans people in media and discussions around trans issues, it is still one step forward and two steps back when it comes to trans TV dramas and programming. Could this be because they are led by cis gendered (not trans) directors, producers and writers, so even if their heart is in the right place, the result is the same? Trans creatives and activists are too often misrepresented or led into traps by mainstream media. These include auditioning for seemingly great trans roles (and then finding out they slip into the same tired tropes) or invitations to broadcast panels shows (where the panel is mostly made up of bigoted activists) or have their stories told by cis writers and performed by cis actors. Trans people are told to be patient and wait till everyone catches up.

This panel asks how can we speed things along and shatter this trans ceiling. Led by Manchester-based Trans Creative, its artistic director Kate O’Donnell will be asking what steps need to be made by the industry to stop the misrepresentation because trans people deserve better programmes.

  • £7 full / £5 conc
  • 60 mins