The Levelling Director Q&A

We will be joined by director Hope Dickson Leach for a Q&A following the 18:10 preview screening on Tue 2 May.

Film details

Clover (Ellie Kendrick) comes home to Somerset after learning that her younger brother Harry has killed himself. There she is met by her sullen father, Aubrey (David Troughton), a brooding hulk of a man whose past woes have derailed his life. The family farm is in disrepair and recent floods have rendered the main house uninhabitable. Harry was meant to take over the farm, but those plans lie in ruins. It is not long before the simmering emotions between father and daughter break out into undisguised war. Hope Dickson Leach announces herself as a director of immense talent and economy with this delicately told tale of family relationships soured.