The Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

Founded in 1988 to advance public education on human rights, this festival has gone from strength to strength, exposing issues through documentaries, animation, shorts, etc. The films are chosen equally for their artistic merit and the human rights content.A bfi touring programme.

Previously in this Festival

A Long Night’s Journey Into Day

This powerful Oscar nominated documentary follows four stories brought to South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission

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Documentary following the struggles of four families who try to deal with the deaths of their loved ones whilst in police custody.

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The Diplomat

Portrait of East Timorese Independence Leader and Nobel Prize Recipient Jose Ramos.

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Borders + Nazareth 2000

Revealing portrait of families torn apart by the religious differences

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Good Kurds, Bad Kurds:No Friends but the Mountains

A freelance journalist investigates the dichotomy between two different groups of Kurds - those in Iraq and those in Turkey

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Jung: In the Land of the Mujahheddin

A surgeon and a war correspondent join forces to set up a hospital to deal with the consequences of warfare in Afghanistan

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