The Baby Cow Challenge: Making Where are the Joneses?

Want to learn more about alternative platforms for exhibiting your films? Guests from Baby Cow Productions and Imagination will present a participatory session where they will discuss the exhibition of on-line work and showcase episodes from hit internet sit-com Where are the Joneses? This exciting event also provides the opportunity for a shortlisted exposures entrant to shoot, edit and screen their own episode of Where are the Joneses? All in under 60 minutes! Are you ready for the challenge?
Guests for this special event include: Henry Normal, Executive Producer, Baby Cow Productions and David Bausola (Imagination), directors Sam Leifer and David Lambert, and actors Emma Fryer (Where are the Joneses?, Ideal) and Neil Edmond (Where are the Joneses?).

Where are the Joneses? The story so far…
Dawn Jones’ Mother dies, leaving her with eight grand and a death bed revelation – her real Dad was a sperm donor. Visiting a doctor, she manages to get hold of a list which tells her she has 27 siblings. She sets out to meet them all.

If you haven’t yet watched the show, you can catch up with the episodes on their website.