Teen-Screen: Pop on Film 1955-2002

Since their inception, the movie and TV industries have struggled to understand and exploit popular music. By the time rock & roll became a major force in the 50s, the visual media thought they could easily tame the new forces that had been unleashed by Elvis Presley and a host of rivals, black and white. Bob Dickinson and John Robb invite fans of rock, roll, pop, movies, glamour and trash to consider the success or otherwise of the great enterprise to screen teen pop-culture. Starting with first-generation rock & rollers and their impact on Hollywood and TV entertainment shows, and moving through all the key phases of the 60s and 70s Dickinson & Robb will also consider how black American and Afro-Caribbean musics such as soul, reggae, and hip hop, have been portrayed. Screenings include: THE HARDER THEY COME and WILD STYLE.Bob Dickinson is a musician and producer of Radio 4’s Front Row. John Robb is a musician, broadcaster and cultural commentatorTickets: £36.00 full / £27.00 concs