Talk: Cheryl Martin

For this talk, Cheryl Martin will discuss the ideas and methods behind the creation of raw, honest, autobiographical solo shows.

Cheryl is a unique voice in today’s theatre scene. She examines experiences that most people are afraid to discuss, but approaches them with a humour, warmth, and raw honesty that draws audiences in and allows them to fearlessly explore them with her.

Her debut show Alaska unearths a personal history of hospitalisation and mental illness, and Who Wants to Live Forever? Is a soul-filled fantasy about loss, love and hope set amongst the stars.

Cheryl will also perform an extract of her new show One Woman. If you ask any one woman how many times in her life she’s been sexually molested, you might be shocked at the response. Unless you’re a woman. Any woman knows. This early research and development sharing looks at new ways of sharing experiences with an audience.

  • £5.50 full / £4 conc