Cinema 312.00 – 2.30pmGames, Worlds, and New Narratives – A Discussion with Lab3D artists The process of creating virtual space encourages a comparative juxtaposition of artistic space, social space and commercial space, therefore allowing for experimentation that crosses into previously uncharted territory. The ability to create multi-user spaces promotes communication and community building. Several of the works incorporate 3D itself as the issue, with the form and content under scrutiny.Panellists: Anthony Rowe, John Klima, Tamiko Thiel, Michael Pinsky, Feng Mengbo.Moderator: Kathy Rae Huffman.Cinema 33.30 – 5.45pm3D On-Line Curating – A Discussion with Jurors of Web3D Art 2003 The act of curating, selecting and validating experimental 3D on-line work, one of the newest areas of new media practice, is often misunderstood compared with other artforms like video or interactive art. What are its particular qualities, sphere of influence, and future?Panellists: Kathy Rae Huffman, Tom Holley, Arghyro Paouri, Masaki Fujihata.Moderator: Karel Dudesek.Tickets from Box Office £3.50 per session / £5.00 for the whole dayA free reception will be held for all symposium ticket holders in Cornerhouse, Gallery 1, 6.00 – 8.00pm.