Symposium/ Future Now: Iraq and Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art Iraq launches at Cornerhouse with this one-day symposium that explores the various thematic strands emerging from the exhibition. Divided into three panels delivered by a host of leading international researchers, artists, curators and writers, the symposium will examine the concept of national identity in relation to new movements in art education and the overall future of contemporary art in the Middle East and Iraq.

Speakers include:

Nat Muller (Rotterdam-based independent curator and critic), Dr Rebwar Fatah (Kurdish writer and journalist), Hadani Ditmars (Co-editor New Internationalist), Daniel Miller (Art critic and journalist who writes for Frieze and other journals), Anna Bowman (ArtRole), Aaron Cezar (Delfina Foundation) and Peter Jenkinson (Cultural broker and former National Director of the Arts Council’s Creative Partnerships Programme).

Future Now: Iraq and Contemporary Art Symposium is in association with the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW).